History of U.F.O. Fashion Co.

"UFO" is actually an acronym for "Unimaginably Fly Outkasts". It's self-explanatory. The motto of it is, "Fly Beyond Belief.". No one can tell someone else what "FLY" is, who's to say what is and is not, right.? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so it just plays off of people living and doing as they please. No holds barred, and usually what happens when people don't like something, someone, or agree with it they automatically consider the person or persons an "outkast".

Started in early 2009. Designer William Fresco Mills, combined his love for aliens and fashion. That's how UFO became the brand you see before you today. From the style of his everyday life, William, started doodling and coming up with more ideas and designs, to go along with his brand. He then came up with more materials that are of great quality but easy on the pocket. After making the first batch of shirts, everyone was eager to see more. From there, UFO grew and the exposure became bigger. Instead of just common printed on t shirts, he expanded to hooded sweatshirts, and even a satin varsity jackets. You never know what'll show up next in the UFO catalog. Stay tuned…

Twitter: @UFOFashionCo
Email: UFOFashionCo@gmail.com

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